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Q and A

 Question: What’s your dream song to perform?

Answer: My dream song to perform would be "I Who Have Nothing" inside Radio City Music Hall. It's been a dream of mine.

Question: What do you do to unwind after a performance?

Answer: Depending on how the performance went, I'm either relaxing or spending some good times with my family and my friends.

Question: If you could perform with any person or group, who would it be and why?

Answer: I think it'd be quite interesting if I had gotten the chance to perform with Jason Mraz.

Question: What album would your friends be surprised you own?

Answer: My friends know I'm pretty versatile when it comes to music, so they most likely wouldn't be.

Question: Do you have any formal singing training?

Answer: I wanted a vocal coach when I was younger, so I tried it out when I was six. My vocal coach and I are still keeping in touch.

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What sets you apart from the other contestants?
Thia Megia: Everyone has commented about my clothes. They say I like to dress ''interestingly.'' I am just being myself. I am the youngest one left, but I am 16 now. I am the quiet one. But I love being inspirational to people. I love to write poetry, songs, and stories. I try to be as creative as I can in as many ways as I can and I think that shows in my arrangements and my song choices and how I dress.

What do you need to improve to make it all the way through the competition?
Thia Megia: I am pretty hard on myself. Before every performance, I get really nervous and I need to work on confidence. I think part of the key to staying in the competition is getting people to like you and believe in you and if you show that you don't believe in yourself 100 percent that can slip into the performance.   

How did you feel about the sudden death semi-final round this year? Was it hard to say goodbye to so many people in the semi-finals? 
Thia Megia: I had so much going on in my head up on that stage. Do people like me? Do they think I'm too young and I have way more years that I could come back? Did I choose the right song? A lot of my best friends went home tonight. That hurt. That was like a punch in the stomach.

Any theme nights you are really dreading?
Thia Megia: I try to get myself singing as many genres as I can so they don't scare me. The real challenge is making a song your own. It is a fine line, because I think people like to recognize a song too. I like to make the song my own and not even country scares me. I've sung plenty of country before.

How are you feeling about the judges — is there anyone in your corner? Do you miss Simon?
Thia Megia: Maybe Steven [is in my corner]. But they have all been really helpful and encouraging to me. They are so nice. You really want to impress them every week. It gives me a goal to reach.

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HitFix: Starting your Top 24 a cappella was one of the week's major risks, but it seems to have really paid off. Did it feel like a risk to you?

Thia Megia: Well, after hours and hours of rehearsing and trying to get that song pitched perfect and getting it down perfectly, it was worth all of the hours spent trying to get it down as good as you possibly can. Basically every round is singing for your life and I did sing for my life. I gave it my all. I poured my heart out into that song and I tried to connect with America as much as I could, because this was the first voting round. That kinda intimidated me, but I didn't let my nerves get to me. I stood there on that stage and I felt the lyrics, because the lyrics really connected to how I feel in this competition, being one of the youngest girls here, no matter how hard it was getting here. I wouldn't say it was hard work to get here. I guess I would say it was hard fun. It was fun, but you had some moments where it was pretty stressful. We all want to be here.  Being in the Top 13 is just absolutely amazing.
HitFix: What are the advantages and maybe the risks of being, as you say, one of the youngest in the competition? 
TM: I would say the risk would have to be choosing songs that actually suit you as a young singer. I generally love singing older types of music, but I guess it wouldn't be the best choice for me, being young and singing all of these older songs. But I guess the advantage is being treated like like a little sister. It's fun. It's awesome.
HitFix: Is there anybody in the current popular landscape you see yourself as being like or wanting to be like?
TM: I've got tons of musical inspirations. Right now, Michael Jackson is my musical inspiration and so is Adele, but basically just being myself and my own artist and I'm working all I can to get where I want to be and right now, I feel so relieved just to be here. I feel on top of the world!

HitFix: Have you settled into the routine of also doing school during the day?
TM: We actually have school backstage, which is kinda fun because it's like  school and you learn a bunch of things, but we're kinda like slackers, because we're always messing around and goofing around in class and singing. Our teacher is pretty cool, though. We love her.

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