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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lauren and Jacob in the bottom two. Who went home? Top 5 Results!

Lauren couldn't quite contain herself. She's crying (too much?) because she's in the bottom two and is facing elimination. She's too fragile to handle this kind of situation; in contrast, we are reminded of Thia's self-assured demeanor when she found herself in the same scenario. Thia is even younger than Lauren by a few months!

Lauren is moving on to the next round. Here's hoping she gets it together. Anybody who lasts this long in the game is already in a better position than most. In fact the entire 11 finalists should be feeling pretty darn good because they are touring in the Summer. How many could say that or put that in their resume's? 

The group song "Happy Together" (by The Turtles) was a disaster. We'll try to put that one up later. The Idol excitement is really waning for us. We've been following "The Voice" and so far, it is really coming on strong! It has the potential to really go head to head with Idol in the long run... Then there's the X-Factor. Wow, singing competition overload!! ;)

Lauren Alaina

James Dubin
Haley Reinhart
Scotty McCreery

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