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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Video: Thia is back on Idol stage with Pia, Paul, Karen, Ashton and Naima; "So What?" [if we're eliminated!] ;)

Yay, it's so wonderful to see Thia back on stage but this was shamefully an awful group number!! The girls didn't harmonize well at all and don't even get us started with Paul. It was pitchy and off-key and all over the place...

Obviously, Idol rushed this just to get everyone together so they probably had one day of practice. Still, we really could have done without the singing. It would have been comforting to the ears if Ryan just presented them all onstage and wave to the crowd or something. This is the last time P!nk is probably lending her song to Idol! And we won't blame her for it!


  1. What I really really like (and appreciate) about this fan site is that the writer tells it as it is! They're not acting like crazy fanatics that think everything their idol does is soooo perfect. Criticisms, without being harsh, are essential for any artist to further improve and perfect her craft. Just look at what's happening in AI now. How will they grow if everyone keeps telling them they're so great even if it's so obvious that there needs to be tweaking somewhere. So I say, Good job to the admins of this site!

  2. Aaaw, Thank you so much! You just made our week!! We do our best... It is nice to hear comments, negative or positive from fans like us. It lets us know our family aren't the only ones reading the stuff we write just coz we force them to! :)

  3. I agree this is probably the best fan site of Thia. I used to visit other Thia sites but when you make a critique on Thia's performance or song choice(even if it is just constructive), they immediately brand you a troll. Criticisms should not be taken negatively, but should be used as a tool to improve ourselves.

    I no longer visit those sites because I'm contented with this one. Keep it up, Admin!


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