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Monday, April 4, 2011

Thia Megia Talks About Her Time on American Idol

American Idol’s youngest contestant ever, Thia Megia, handled her elimination with maturity and grace. The morning after her elimination, she hopped on a press call to talk about everything from Idol school to who she wants to collaborate with.

Was Thia surprised she was eliminated? “Actually, I really didn’t know what to expect at all,” Thia replied. “Since everyone else is just so incredible, you just kind of prepare yourself for whatever happens. I didn’t really know what to feel at all, to be honest, but I’m happy for Paul. I’m happy for the both of us because I know that we’re all going to be going on tour and from all the exposure that we’ve gotten from the show, it’s just been incredible and knowing that millions of people voted for you is such wicked flattery.”

What’s it like juggling school and the competition? “We usually do about three or four of school every day, so I thought that we didn’t really get enough rehearsal time. But I guess it was sort of an advantage for us because being minors, it was like an escape for all of us from all the stress… It was cool to actually have that time to bond with the other minors, especially me and Lauren Alaina.”

Thia doesn’t have just one favorite moment from her Idol experience—she has many! “I enjoyed every bit of the competition. I guess that was what made it really hard to say goodbye last night, because you think about every single thing that you’ve experienced on the show…but it’s really not the end of the competition. We’re all going to see each other in a couple weeks anyway, and there’s the tour, which is just so exciting. I guess I’m going to miss the vocal coaches and all that they’ve taught us. I know I’ve grown so much throughout the whole experience, as an artist, as a singer, and as a person.”

Does the teen get nervous performing in front of millions of viewers? Surprisingly, yes! “I get nervous every time, for every single performance, before getting up on that stage. Once I’m up there, I’m usually taken in by the music and the moment and I just feel the energy of the audience and I basically go from extremely nervous to show-mode. I let it all go and my heart starts going with the music, and I’m just releasing it all. I’m not even nervous when I’m onstage, when the music starts playing,” Thia explained.

If given the opportunity, Thia would love to work with “Adele and Jason Mraz, because their lyrics are just so beautiful and complex, and I really admire them for that. I also love listening to older music, such as Billie Holiday and a bunch of old artists, but right now I guess Adele and Jason Mraz would have to be my favorites.”
with Vocal Coach Debra Byrd and Marc Anthony
Thia sang several ballads on the show, but she has no regrets about singing “Daniel” during Elton John Week. “I guess for the previous weeks that I’ve done ballads, I do regret not choosing more upbeat songs, but the last performance that I did, I don’t regret at all because I dedicated that song to my brother. I poured all the emotion that I had inside of me into that song and I don’t regret one bit of it. I’m happy that the last song that I got to do on the show was dedicated to my big brother. For the previous weeks, I would have done more upbeat songs because I just don’t want to come off as just a ballad singer, which I probably did. I just hope America knows that I can do so much more, because the previous auditions that I’ve done before the live shows were more upbeat and more on the contemporary side.”

With her head held high Thia shared, “I am very excited about the future. I know in my heart that this is not the end of my music career and there’s going to be so much that you’re going to see of me and hear of me.”

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