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Friday, April 1, 2011

Reality sinks in, Thia Megia finishes stint on American Idol 10...

 Thia handled the elimination with poise, dignity and grace. What a true champion!

There were many things going through our minds as Ryan Seacrest announced Naima Adedapo and Thia Megia's names garnering the 'lowest' number of votes and were therefore the two finalists leaving the competition last night on American Idol.

We'll start our rant with WTF?!!! Is "Teenage Dream" really an appropriate song to sing for a trio with one 16 year-old kid?!! With lyrics like "Let's go all the way tonight, no regrets..."

American Idol producers: SHAME ON YOU!!! You catered and tailored the song for Haley Reinhart and Pia Toscano. Why did you put Thia on that segment? Thia could have easily blended well with Naima and Jacob's "Solid" or with any other group. To add insult to injury, you did NOT give Thia a solo she deserved!! For the record, Haley Reinhart forgot the word "funny" on that song! What the heck were you guys on?! Your bias and prejudice is disgusting! It's not funny!!

We went through Kübler-Ross' 5 stages of grief overnight!! Watching the musical event of "Grey's Anatomy" and Sara Ramirez' should-get-an-emmy-and-golden-globe-intense, fight-to-life performances only added to our roller-coaster emotions.

  1. Denial.
    We pretended the results were different. Last night never happened. She will perform on "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame theme" next week and she is among the Top 9 finalists!! We logged off the internet.
  2. Anger.
    We are beyond furious! Why is Thia even in the bottom in the first place? There is no way Haley Reinhart and Stefano Langone have more fans than Thia! Where was the "Asian votes?!" The 'community' failed Thia like the Latino/Hispanic community failed Karen Rodriguez! Stefano has Italian roots, his last name even gives that away! Yet he doesn't go around asking all the Italians to vote for him, he doesn't say he represents the Italians- and his fans are smart enough not to point that out. 

    As we have argued before- this claiming of "she's one-of our-own" REALLY CLEARLY hurt Thia's chances.
    Claiming her as the Asian singer who made it on Idol, WHY WOULD AMERICA VOTE for someone who is NOT THEIRS?! We couldn't even get the people of Hawaii to back on Thia Megia the way they did on Jasmine Trias, who finished third. Sure, Jasmine is from Hawaii but she's also Filipino-American. We know the support of the Mountain House community is overflowing for Thia but the entire state of California is way too populated and diverse to care about one contestant on American Idol. Yet again, Hawaii has a population of 275k Filipinos and Fil-Ams while California has about one million Fil and Fil-Ams!

    There was NO FACEBOOK, NO TWITTER during Jasmine's time yet she stayed for weeks and weeks. What happened?! The social network fans failed more than helped in this case... For the record again: this website has NO Twitter or Facebook pages.
  3. Bargaining.
    If Thia sang "Bennie and the Jets" as we have suggested and NOT HALEY, would Randy Jackson call it the BEST performance of the night?! Would Thia be still in the competition?!

    "If we removed all the fake Facebook Thia Megia pages, shut down all the pesky Thia fan Twitter-i'm-such-a-big-fan-but-i-can't-vote-for-you-she's-one-of-our-own-accounts, will American Idol take her back?! "If we promise to no longer bash Stefano Langone, will Idol take Thia back and boot Stefano instead?!!" "If we make thousands of campaign posters to vote for Thia, hand it out in the middle of Harvard Square in Cambridge or Times Square in New York, would that make a difference?" "If we did this and that, would it change the results?!!" "If we...."
  4. Depression.
    We felt numb, the anger and sadness remain underneath. We're sad, devastated, crushed. 
  5. Acceptance.
    Can't say the anger, sadness and "mourning" have tapered off. We simply accept the reality that Thia is out of the competition. It will hurt watching the show week after week without Thia BUT LIFE GOES ON... We will be happier for sure when the face of Stefano is no longer on our TV screens...!! [ Why do we dislike Stefano? Start reading here. ]

Every year we watch this show, every year we pick a favorite to support. Our favorites do not win but we continue to be fans long after the show is over. We support them. We watch their concerts, buy their records. American Idol is a stepping stone. It isn't the end. By golly Thia is ONLY 16 years old. She has a long career ahead of her. She will not be forgotten.

We'll cover the Summer tour, we'll update you with everything on Thia! We'll even cover the buzz when she goes home to her homeland where she'll most likely receive a "hero's welcome" and more. We can almost see it: appear on variety and talk shows, release a record, give a handful of product endorsements, become a household name, even make movies! That is all too sweet and right. She deserves it all and the magnanimous support she got needs reciprocation.

Hopefully her focus will be international stardom nonetheless! She's not going to get there ahead of everybody else if she hangs on too long reconnecting with her roots... Whatever direction she's going, find us there! We're not going to disappear.

We just got started. Game on.


  1. Good one! I also went through the stages of grieving myself. Though I'm really still on the Depression phase and kept on coming back to the Denial phase.

    I will always be a fan of Thia with or without Idol. I will buy her records the minute they come out, that's for sure. Yup, she's still young and very talented, there are so many opportunities waiting for her out there.

    This is only the beginning. I still can't get over that ridiculous elimination though.

  2. "Hopefully her focus will be international stardom nonetheless!"

    I hope Thia will pursue her international career. I honestly believe she is talented enough to have a worldwide career and fan base.

  3. I was terribly sad when Thia left American Idol.Thia is a gem, unfortunately people on the show prefer growling and shouting.What hurts me the most is the way American Idol treated her.


    * Where was Thia during wrestling clip??Everybody was on that clip aside from her and Haley.

    * on some clip you'll notice that her part is always short.

    * They always place Thia at the back during group performances. Don't you guys realize that Thia is your smallest contestant?

    * Thia never had a moment on the show.On top 24 elimination she shared her airtime with Jessica. On top 10/11 elimination she shared it with Naima. ( except for the later, its all about votes )

    * Lastly, thia is the only contestant that didn't sing solo on group performance. WT EFF!

    2. Bias Judges
    * Isn't judges supposed to be neutral? How come the judges in American Idol favor other contestants. They keep overpraising their favorites even if the performance has flaws.Some butchered the song, but they still received great reviews from the judges.Why dont you give credit to those who deserve it?!?

    * They keep on saying that Thia is playing its safe, yeah maybe but why do you give a free pass to other contestants? SCOTTY has been singing country since day one, but they didn't call it. They keep on praising him, where's the versatility there? Paul has been singing the same type of song every week not to mention he is always "pitchy " & has no range but judges didn't question him. I can go on and on. * sigh

    * Hello Randy and Steven, you are too obvious.Favoritism much?!? Why don't you crown your favorites already?!??

    * Poor Thia, she didn't get much love from the panel. She always get lukewarm comments from the judges. Jlo is the only one that appreciates her.

    Yeah, on her last performance she sang another ballad but Pia sang ballad too but still you praised her. Fine! But Thia sang " Daniel" beautifully too. Her rendition of the song was amazing.I've read some comments that some people were touch of Thia's rendition and some even cried. That's why I don't get Randy, He's so tough when it comes to Thia but when it comes to his favorites he showered them with praises, favoritism much?? Randy your so disappointing. The judges are biased. I feel sorry for Thia.

    Thia, don't worry with your talent you will go places.At a young age you carry yourself with dignity and elegance.Were not related but I'm so proud of you. Winning is title but it doesn't guarantee you success.So go fight ,chase your dreams thia, your fans will always be there to support you. We love you.

  4. thia deserves more...she has pure talent,so disappointed with AI.sometimes it becomes more of a beauty and popularity contest than what it is supposed to be..her kind of music is something beyond the ordinary..it is sui generis..hers is the kind that you'll never get tired of playing over and over..don't give up thia on your dreams..just like charice..we will always support you.and thank you for sharing your wonderful gift to us- artisticviolet

  5. thia's early departure makes her fans crave more for her performance...what is important is we keep on supporting her..look at chris daughtry,he's more successful than taylor hicks... (^_^),, it will be great if we see thia having more singing commitments than other AI contenders who are still in the competition

  6. Actually, among all the season 10 idol contenders,thia's one of the easiest to market...in 2years time,im confident that she'll make a regular appearances like concerts, movies, tv shows..If im a producer,i'll bet my money on young and promising talents..


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