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Thursday, April 7, 2011

OK Interview with Thia Megia and Naima Adedapo: "I read tweets from fans and think to myself that I have been [there] before..." -Thia

By Rana Meyer
After the shocking American Idol results show where the judges decided to save Casey Abrams from eviction, that meant a much tougher week for the contestants as two of them had to be eliminated. Sadly, those two singers ended up being Naima Adedapo and Thia Megia. OK! sat down with them to talk about if they are sad about leaving the show, why they are so excited about going on tour and whether they think a girl can ever win this show again.

How are you feeling after being voted off in the double elimination?
Naima: I am alright, actually, because we get to go on tour. That is what is going to buy a house for my children. That was one of my biggest goals in this. That’s where you actually get to perform for all the fans who you connected with and who voted for you non-stop. The vibration is entirely different watching you on TV and then seeing you live. Totally different energy.

Thia: I am super excited about the tour. I love to travel so just the fact that I will be doing that and singing at the same time is so mind-boggling. Singing is my passion and I always wanted to travel the country. And now I am doing it with my AI family. It’s so exciting.

What was it like when Casey Abrams was saved?
Naima: I was happy when they saved him because he is a phenomenal musician, an amazing artist. He’s a good spirit, a good guy. He deserves to be there.
Thia: I think it brought us all to tears when we found out he was in the bottom.  The voting is weird.
Naima: It changes every week. One week your votes will be on top and then the next week they switch because of the performance. It’s anybody’s game.

Is it hard that you had to both go this week since Casey was saved?
Naima: Not really, everyone has to go except for one. Everything happens for a reason, at the right time and the right place. I believe in it.

What was it like living in the mansion?
Thia: At first I was like, “How is this going to be?” All the girls were sharing one room, one bathroom. Eventually, we all worked it out and I kind of miss that. It’s funny how I miss it so much despite the leaks and the flickering lights and the ghost stories. But it wasn’t a haunting.

Who was the quietest?
Naima: Thia is the quietest. You don’t ever hear her. This is the most I have heard her, doing the interviews.
Thia: We have the other people who are talking and I am the one who just stays calm. I just like to think rather than talk. But I enjoy everyone’s company.

Who is the loudest?
Thia and Naima: Jacob!

Past Idols have visited the show this season. Did you get to meet them and get any advice?
Naima: We did get to meet them. They came up to the green room and they would give us advice. Others would say, “You are da bomb, I am glad I didn’t audition this year.” I liked meeting Jennifer Hudson.
Thia: Jennifer didn’t even make it all the way.
Naima: She is our motivation.

What do you want do next?
Thia: I want to become a recording artist. I want to put my vibe and my feel of music into an album and have people from different places around the world feel that and hear that.
Naima: I can totally agree with that. I wouldn’t mind doing Broadway, but I am definitely trying to get a album out there first. We want to be known around the world, we want to be international recording artists. That’s why I feel that Reggae is a good outlet for that. It is loved all around the world.

Do you like being on Twitter?
Naima: I love it. It lets us show who we actually are. There are only certain clips they show on the show. When it comes to negative ones, I write them back. What happens when I respond to those negative tweets, they then respond back and realize that I am a human being. That’s why I believe in walking with love.
Thia: I read a lot of tweets from my fans and I think to myself that I have been in your shoes before. I try to reach out to my idols. I think to myself that this such a blessing and I just try to reach out. They give me the means to accomplish more. Not only am I doing this for myself but for my fans.

Thia, is it hard to fit for you, Lauren and Scotty to fit in school?
Thia: It is but you use that time to escape from the madness and the pressure. I envy you guys for having more time to focus on other things.
Naima: It swings both ways. With us, they can work us all night long. There is a limit with minors. But they have to do school work. I couldn’t imagine having to write a paper and have to think about what song I am going to sing.

Do you think a girl can ever win this show again?
Naima: Damn it! Yes. YES! It’s hard because I know a lot of  my teenage girls don’t appreciate me saying this. But when the teenyboppers get their crush on a boy, you can’t stop them. There is no influential way to be like, “Girl Power!”
Thia: Especially them being musicians and cute.

Naima: Sometimes it is hard because I feel like a lot of my supporters were middle-aged and a lot of the time are not technologically advanced. They don’t like dealing with it sometimes. This one guy was like, “I voted for you THREE times!” It’s a huge difference. Teenagers live on their phone.

Do you think a guy is going to win again?
Naima: I don’t know who is going to win. It is anybody’s game because there is so much talent.
Thia: The girls are holding up our flag: Girl Power! If they can keep it up. You bond with these people and even if you don’t know them and you connect with them through the TV screen, they are so amazing vocally.
Naima: The young people are going to come out in droves and they are going to destroy a lot of hopes and dreams of the people on this show. [Laughs] It’s not in a negative way. It’s all love.

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