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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MTV: Naima Adedapo And Thia Megia Praise Jamie Foxx 'Idol' Performance (Video)

If you watched Jamie Foxx and will.i.am's high-energy "Hot Wings" performance on last week's "American Idol" results show and thought to yourself, "Where have I seen this before?" you weren't alone. Naima Adedapo rocked a similar drums-and-dance flavor the week before when she performed "Dancing in the Streets," and the newly eliminated singer loved the similarities.

"It was for me! It was like my exit parade," joked Adedapo, who made a name for herself with equally colorful production numbers on "Idol."

In fact, the over-the-top spectacle was just what the doctor ordered for Adedapo and fellow eliminated castmate Thia Megia, who both boogied on the sidelines during Foxx and will.i.am's appearance despite knowing that the odds were against them once Ryan Seacrest got around to announcing the results.

"It took out all the stress with the drums and the music and the live colors," said Megia, who stopped by MTV News with Adedapo to discuss their time on "Idol." "I think it was perfect that they did that [particular performance] before the results. It just made me feel so much better."

"I was like, 'I'm happy! It doesn't even matter now. I'm happy!' " gushed Adedapo, who also admitted that it took all of energy not to run up onstage and join the Carnival-inspired choreography. "I wanted to jump over the couch and get it in with them. They did such a wonderful job. ... I was yelling the whole time. You could probably ask the dancers. I was like, 'You better get it! You better get it!' " she laughed.

Adedapo and Megia have plenty of time to plan future dance routines for the upcoming American Idols Live! Tour. The two of them will join the rest of the top 11 as they hit up North American venues this summer.

by Alvin Blanco via MTV News

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