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Friday, April 8, 2011

Don't 'boycott' American Idol just yet, Lauren Alaina is still in the running! Let's kick some guys off the show! [Add PLEASE to that (: ]

Thia's elimination left a sour taste in our palates but with a heavy heart accepted "America's votes."

Last night, Pia 'the never before in the bottom three-frontrunner-media-judges favorite' Toscano was voted off by America!! Clearly something is wrong here.

But we may all be barking at the wrong tree! It isn't entirely the judges fault. It isn't even American Idol producers' faults!

Before you complain and boycott Idol, ask yourself: "why am I mad and shocked? did I even vote for Pia?"

We voted endlessly for Thia Megia! But when she left, we lost interest on the show. It was no longer appealing to us. We liked Pia Toscano a lot but even that was not enough to motivate us to vote for her online or by phone. We are flustered to say that we are sort of a Pia fan but not once voted for her!! :(

We feel that's what happened. Pia fans were just plain complacent and confident and never bothered to vote. "Come on, it's Pia- she's not going to be voted off the show that fast. She'll be in the Finale!"

While we were somewhat worried every week for Thia and nervous as heck trying to get in our last remaining votes as the clock hit midnight on Wednesdays, we have not given Pia a second look thinking she is gonna hang around for weeks and weeks all the way to the Top 3! We did NOT want to split our votes so we concentrated on Thia. Suffice it to say, we did the same for Lauren Alaina.

In our mini poll, we asked "who is your next favorite idol?" Only 224 people pitched in, however it shouts loud and clear- the guys have MORE followers! It is clear on the social network, clear on the idol producers/judges positions (saving Casey Abrams!) and even clearer on how America votes. We are SIX WEEKS into the competition and NOT ONE GUY is voted off.

Even the travesty that is Stefano Langone can't be contained! We want to know, who the heck is voting for this guy?! More importantly we want to know please, why are you voting for Stefano?!!! Do you love cheese that much that you embrace his cheesiness every time he sings and the way he squints at the camera while trying so hard not to 'close' his eyes?!

Do you like the way he is channeling the Backstreet Boys or NKOTB in his moves as though leading a sappy boy band? or is it his dreadful phrasing when delivering the lyrics of the songs?! Oh we know, you are smitten by his looks. Yup, you are voting for him because he is cute. right.

Thinking of voting for Haley Reinhart because you like the semi-fake growls? Go ahead. But you might want to rethink. Did you catch her almost 'villainous smile' while Pia was singing her farewell song, and then feigning sad and teary looks as she realized the camera was on her?!! It is a competition but she could at least try to hide her true emotions! Then again, there have also been rumors that she's pining because Stefano is romantically wooing Pia over her. Ugh. Oh Pia, please don't get caught in this love triangle!


We don't need convincing but Thia is endorsing Lauren! With Pia and Thia gone, it is but right to continue watching American Idol and now vote for Lauren!! Boycotting Idol would be silly when there is still a possible Finale contender in Lauren! The teenybopper, boy crazed fans and whoever else is voting for Stefano will continue to vote for the guys with or without us. They will be "duh, winning" if we stop watching the show!!

Let's kick some guys off the show!! Please America!! Keep Lauren in the show. Let's vote for LAUREN!!

We promise to vote for Lauren and we encourage other Thia fans to do the same... Thank you. That is all for now.

Who is your NEXT favorite idol?

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  1. I love Thia and all, and I know she is rooting for Lauren. But I'd rather see Haley kick these boys' behinds. I want to see her reach at least the top 3. I think she can do it.

    Anyway, what a travesty, what happened to Pia. The only two contestants I liked on the show was Thia and Pia. I even wanted them to be the final two. Both are now kicked off the freaking show! The atrocity! What's the use of watching the show now?


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