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Monday, April 11, 2011

A 'Chat Wave' with Thia and we missed it! Thia, kindly contact us so we can moderate the chat next time around :)

On Sunday April 10th, around noon (ET) Thia (yes, the real Thia Megia!)- [@TMegiaAI10 on Twitter] visited this fansite to chat with the fans. What a wonderful gift and surprise! She was even too kind to explain where our chat box was located. Yay!

Unfortunately we didn't know about it until much later! Sad to say, we missed the 'chat wave' along with the rest of the fans who were having difficulty trying to join in the conversation...

Dearest Thia and all our readers:

First off, we apologize Thia for NOT being around when you stopped by! Argghhh! We were so bummed out.

Kindly please contact us using our contact form, also found on the toolbar so we can plan and prepare better for you the next time you have the free time. We heard there were "spammers" joining in the conversation. We would be able to moderate the chat and facilitate the whole conversation so we will have a more productive and fun experience without the nuisance chatters if we know when you are dropping by again...

We sent a fan mail to you last month via USPS with tracking information but we have not heard back. Do you think you could ask the Idol staff who handles fanmails? We want to send you mail again but worried you might not get it... :(

We have been wanting to communicate with you. This fansite has no public Facebook or Twitter affiliation. Please know that other than the snail mail and this website, we have not contacted you in any other means on Twitter, MySpace or Facebook! We know you have a lot on your plate but hope you could send us a note when you get the chance. Thank you in advance.

We apologize to all Thia fans who were unable to find the chat box and or were unable to login. It is best to view this site using the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Depending on your internet connection, loading of the toolbar located at the bottom page of the site may take some time. Please wait for it to load.

You would need to log in via your social network in order to join the chat. MySpace, Twitter, Yahoo and Facebook are the networks available for you. You could use either one.

Thank you for visiting this page Thia. It means a lot to all of us that you know we exist.

God bless everyone!  Hope to see you all again! We'll have a better chat experience next time... :)

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  1. Hi guys, thank you for this wonderful page that you created for Thia.I'm one those people who believe in Thia's talent and I'm following her journey through this page. For me, this is the best fan page of Theethee.I find it simple yet classy just like her.My friends and I have been spreading/sharing this blogspot online, and were glad that Thia finally acknowledged this page. Were so happy for you. :)

    Were having difficulty accessing the chatbox. :(

    - Sashie


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