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Thursday, April 7, 2011

B98.5 FM: Thia Rooting for the Girls, Missing Lauren Alaina

It's been nearly a week since Thia Megia and Naima Adedapo were cut from American Idol, and Lauren Alaina is still crying about it. The teen singer was inconsolable when her BFF in the competition, Thia, was sent packing, and Thia tells us that Lauren is still upset. Says Thia, "She actually just called me yesterday, crying, and telling me how much she missed me. I was telling her, 'Please don't cry, because you're gonna see me during touring. You're probably gonna get sick of seeing my face every day.' And she's telling me, "That's never gonna happen!'"

Thia says she and Lauren had a special bond, because they spent a lot of time together because they both had to attend school during their downtime on American Idol. She says, "I love her so much, and I call her my guardian angel...she's just a special, beautiful person...that kind of person who really makes anyone smile...I miss her."

In addition to Lauren, Thia is also sending good vibes out to Pia Toscana and Hayley Reinhart, the only remaining competitors representing for the girls. She says, "I believe in those girls so much. They're absolutely incredible, so we're always rooting for them."

Along with Lauren, Thia was among the youngest finalists in this season of American Idol, and there has been some concern that letting 15-year-old kids audition is a bad idea because they can't take the pressure. Thia, however, says age ain't nothing but a number: "Of course there's a lot of pressure, but if it's something that you really, really, really, wanna do, then all the hard work really makes it all worth it. So...the age doesn't really matter...it depends on your will, basically."

On Wednesday night, April 6th, the contestants will sing songs from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members. Thia says if she'd stuck around, she would've sung a number by Ella Fitzgerald, while Naima Adedapo tells us that she'd planned a number by -- big surprise -- Bob Marley.

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