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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

American Idol E-cards featuring your favorite Top 11 finalists, Yey or Nay?

A few weeks ago, American Idol introduced the Facebook poke featuring the Top 11 Season 10 finalists. Now they're venturing into e-cards/video greeting for a fee.

For $2.99 per 28-second video, you can send a pre-formatted video greeting to a friend/loved one from any of the 11 contestants saying 'congratulations' or 'happy birthday' shout outs.

We checked it out so you don't have to! :)

Their Mother's/Father's day options are pretty lame. With no 'mom or dad' keyword- you'll be sending out a greeting that calls out your parent's first names (if common enough name like Mandy, Charlie, Rob) or if the name is not found on the list, they have optional nickname suggestions such as Dude, Bro or Pal!! Imagine sending out a Mother's day greeting to your mom and Thia goes saying, "Hey Dude, happy mother's day!"

Perhaps it will work for hip, cool moms but my parents are old fashioned as heck, they will disown me if I call them by their first names. I wouldn't get away calling my mom "Dude" or "pal" either even if it's Thia saying it!

The "greetings from" does not have "from your daughter/son" too. So if your name isn't on the list you'll have to make do with "greetings from your buddy!"

We think we'll stick to an old fashioned Hallmark greeting card bought at a physical store for a Mother's day greeting. Thank you very much. How about you?

Maybe there is a market for this, we don't know. We're not into these things. Hopefully, the contestants get a "cut" on any sale made from it.

Check the ecards here where preview is free. You could sample all the greetings without having to pay. :)

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  1. Yup, This is pretty lame. I love seeing Thia though, thanks for the new post! Keep 'em coming.

    Also, I heard she might be on Idol this week, let's watch out for her! More Thia please...


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