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Friday, March 4, 2011

Voting on American Idol online via Facebook? Must READ this!

Idol's announcement to allow online voting beginning this 10th season is a huge change that we embrace with excitement!

Calling in to vote is frustrating because no matter how fast you dial and redial, one gets a busy signal almost every other redial. It is a waste of time and after a while you just give up.

We have unlimited plan on texting BUT we're NOT with At&T so forget that.

The only viable option for us really is the online voting so we were ecstatic! Nonetheless, there is a catch to this method that we found out painfully.

We spent almost two hours online voting for Thia Megia last Wednesday. We KNOW about the 50 voting limit but how were we suppose to know that we finished 50 votes already?!! Did they seriously believe people have OCDs when it comes to this and that we actually count our votes?!

The stupid website just keeps accepting our votes and saying: "Thank you for voting! Vote again?" Of course we vote again. We thought their system isn't working right and so long as they are giving the option to vote again, might as well right?! We were foolishly waiting for it to tell us: "Sorry, you have already reached the maximum votes allowed. Thank you." Something!!

We were voting online through our phones and you can only see so little from the small screen. We go to our computers to check the AI site because after almost two hours, it doesn't feel right anymore! Aha, there it was on the right middle page of the site below the "Voting FAQ and tips"  a small note-- "You may cast up to 50 single votes online, after which any votes cast will not be counted."

Are you kidding me with that?!

See, we aren't the foolish ones here. It is a matter of tweaking their codes to make it stop once you've reached the 50 limit but they're not doing it. We don't see any reason why they should make this harder for online voters, do you?!!

American Idol must fix this!! It is idiotic and absolute burden to the voters.

Until they do, the only way to know that you have reached your limit is when the site starts giving you the same spam-bot checker codes. It means you have gone over and therefore must stop and do another form of voting. We did that and went to calling in our remaining minutes to vote for Thia until the voting window closed. Sigh.

Our rant is over, thank you for reading. Here's a step by step look on how simple and easy it is to vote online and IF THEY FIX THE ABOVE ISSUE, this is the best voting method to make sure you got 50 votes in!

STEP ONE: Look for the "VOTE" button
STEP TWO:  Log in or Sign up with Facebook

STEP THREE: LOOK for your fave! In our case, we VOTE for Thia all the way!! :) Select by clicking on their faces/names.

STEP FOUR: Key in the spam-bot checker code. It is NOT case SenSiTive so it doesn't matter if you do it in all small caps. Click VOTE!
 STEP SIX: Be proud! Post your vote on your Facebook wall!
That's it! You're done!! Hey, look at that- every once in a while the system gets overloaded, so try again!! :)

Here's what we learned from watching this show over the years: YOUR votes DO count!! You can't be a fan and expect "other" fans to vote your fave for you!! DO YOUR PART. DO YOUR SHARE. BE AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT!

If you want to see Thia weekly on your television sets like we do, then VOTE!!! It's the only way she can stay in the competition. Help us share this website to your friends and family. Spread the word out on Thia Megia. Let's see her in the Summer tour! :)


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