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Monday, March 7, 2011

The "vocal coach from hell" revisited. What Idol didn't show on the segment with Thia Megia & Melinda Ademi (VIDEOS)

Remember Peggi Blue, the American Idol producers dubbed as the "vocal coach from hell?" She appeared in the Las Vegas Beatles night episode (February 24th) tasked to guide Thia Megia and Melinda Ademi perfect their song "Here Comes the Sun".

She became the instant 'Simon Cowell' of the season when she was shown yelling at the girls: "You’re going to die onstage in front of all those people... I’m going to be laying in my bed watching you just croak... No! What is that? Sing, dammit! Do it from the top one more time, and don’t make a mistake."

Watch this:

Here's what we wrote then:
By now, you've probably heard of the "vocal coach from hell" who was mentoring Thia and Melinda. We couldn't believe what we were seeing!! This was over the top drama and antic from the producers and it's sad that vocal coach, Peggy Blu would allow herself to be played like that all for TV. Poor Thia and Melinda, they had to take the verbal 'abuse' and go through with it... That was a total lowdown! Double thumbs down American Idol!!

Turns out we were right!! Of course it is American Idol who was responsible for painting Peggi Blu in a mosaic of meanness and bitchiness! We were so happy to come across a recent interview on Peggi Blu showing her side of the story.

We have total respect for her and we never blamed her to begin with! We knew the producers were the culprits. What we didn't know was that Peggi wasn't even aware that- that is what "they" (whoever 'they' is) we're going to do. 'They' never told her that she was gonna be called "the vocal coach from hell" all for the 40 million or so viewers to see. And she's fine by that. She was doing her job.

She said wonderful things about Thia and how focused and prepared Thia is for this. Unfortunately, it also meant showing that the real problem was Melinda and her 'work ethic' or lack thereof...

Watch the interview and answer our poll!! Did your view on Peggi Blu changed after you heard her side? or not? Do tell!

Do you think the vocal coach was over the top mean or just right?

First Part: ...tackles the obvious questions about Blu’s time on American Idol and her opinion on being called “the vocal coach from hell. Thoughts on the kids she mentored...

Second Part: More Idol, experience, and the backlash. Also discussed her qualifications to be American Idol’s vocal coach.

Thank you, Mr. Josh Skinner! You are a great interviewer. You showed the very best in your guest and made the interview more like a conversation. That translates to a very engaging and enlightening experience to the listener! :)

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  1. Peggy Blu needs to be held responsible for what she say to Melinda. To say that she should slid her wrist to be there is crazy. She is 16 years old. Peggy bullshit should be fired for what she is saying to little kids just to get rating on TV.
    Melinda is has good as Thia. So what, that she doesn't know the Beatles,big deal she's there to sing the song. Peggy Bullshit made sure to distract her made her feel that she doesn't belong there. Coach are so pose to held you not brake you. Peggy hell coach is the biggest bitch and deserves to be hated by the fans.

  2. Another interesting fact: PEGGI BLU co-produced the most recent CD by legendary Filipino singing star IMELDA PAPIN. She even sang a duet with Imelda on the song "Higher Ground".

    Ted Perlman
    Music Producer
    Los Angeles, California

  3. @Ted Perlman, thank you for this tidbit of info. We'll check out Ms Papin's CD. We saw "Voice of the Heart" on Amazon with the track you mentioned. :)

    @anonymous: we understand where you are coming from. she said a lot of mean things. we wished it turned out differently too however the competition in the music industry is fierce and cutthroat. we've heard worse things said to artists.

    the really disgusting part about this whole thing is American Idol- the show and the producers- for capitalizing on it. they need not have to go that direction but they did for television.

  4. Its disgusting that you actually fed into this garbage. No one heard about any other vocal coach- but her. Now she's hosting "interviews" and being featured in blogs. Interesting that she has nothing but bad things to say about Melinda who has left the show- but acts as though Thia is the daughter she never had.
    She's a fame leech. Its so sad that people actually buy into this crap.
    Especially since the majority of what she said was absolutely and in all ways false.

    So she gets her 5 seconds of fame by slandering the name of a talented young girl and questioning Melinda's ability to be professional... and people like you blindly accept it. Good god.


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