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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To the undecided, let's rock the vote for Thia Megia!! pretty please with sugar on top! :-)

Today March 30th, Thia and the Idols will cover hits from Elton John's songbook.

Last week, America put Thia in the bottom three. That was too close of a call but remember, she didn't get the lowest number of votes, believe it or not Casey did. The unexpected new bottom three made us question our earlier premise that Twitter followers may be a good indicator on who's going home next... Casey ranks number two and is still at number 2 as of today, and Thia is still at number 6 on the most followers list.

If we are to voice out loud our conspiracy theory, we'd say that last week's results was staged so they can deliver a show promised to be "shocking" as Nigel Lythgoe twittered. What could be more shocking than putting three people who has never been in the bottom three before? Oh we know, eliminate Casey Abrams! But we'll use the one save on him so really he's not eliminated. And by the way, all eleven of them are going on tour. Whaaat? Yup, and their show was in fact up by 11% that night.  20.74 million viewers tuned in as opposed to 17.624 million the week prior. Mission accomplished.

Last week's result was a fluke, an unexpected, accidental occurrence! We're still sticking by the Twitter trend! And hopefully we'll have Thia Megia far longer than what the twitter trend is suggesting!!

While it is wonderful to see Thia in her A-game week after week, it doesn't matter to the real fans like us. From day one we've already decided who we are rooting for no matter what. If she has an off week, we're there voting, if she delivered a great performance- we're there voting!! No matter what others say about Thia, the fans are there to support, vote and even defend her if need be!

The Thia fans or any fan of the other contestants will always vote for their favorites.
However, not to add pressure on Thia but Naima, Jacob and Haley just proved that a strong performance is the difference between winning and losing the votes from the undecided. The three based on their social networking followers, don't have a massive support group or fan base, yet they have successfully managed to stay in the competition based on their performances week after week. Yes, like in politics there are a huge number of undecided voters who don't belong to any party and are relying on the actual performances of the candidates to win them over! Meaning, if they performed well, they get the votes- if not... well sorry.

Thia doesn't need to prove anything to her fans but has more convincing to do to the undecided.

If you are undecided, we humbly say please take notice!! We see something truly special in her that you might have missed because you read too many critics write her off from the very beginning.

If you just open your ears and follow your heart, you'll see what we see-- a beautiful, smart 16 year old with a tone and sound quality that is recordable, singular and powerful. She IS a performer, and she CAN connect to her audience. Her strong presence in the music world is highly needed and couldn't come at a better time when the industry needs more young teens worthy of emulating. A true inspiration to the youth of her generation, she's the complete package artist!

We have scoured YouTube today for inspiration. These fans are showing who they're rooting for and their pick is Thia Megia.

This post is dedicated to the undecided. Please take the time to discover the voice and the talent behind the dreamer. Let's make her dreams come true!

Look, a support from THE Kenny Hamilton, Justin Beiber's personal manager!! He just tweeted this last night to his 200 thousand plus plus followers!!

"Vote and support Thia Megia on American Idol tomorrow! She's got skills! @TMEGIAAI10, @musicmgmtintl"

Give her a chance... :) Let's rock the vote for Thia Megia!! Game on!

From her K12 community!!

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  1. Thia did so great this week, i hope she wins the whole thing


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