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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thia Megia Top 24 Performance Night Photos and Audio/MP3 of "Out Here on my Own"

Thia Megia exuded beauty and elegance in her performance night debut singing for America's votes. There is a charming innocence in her that is rare to find these days. Choosing to open her song acapella was genius! Her soft, controlled tone filled the silent air and it was captivating as it was assuring. Like a pro, Thia owned the stage and nailed the song!! We were glued to our seats, shaking our heads in awe; we believed every word she was singing.

She surely did NOT disappoint fans and we are certain, she gained new following with the stirring performance. Regardless of how the votes go, she already left a mark on the Idol stage. Thia's family looked proud and beaming, holding posters that read: "Thia Megia is ready 2 rock!" and "we love you Thia!"

We salute Thia's parents for raising such a fine, disciplined, smart teenager. Thia will make a great inspiration to kids of her generation.

We saw something in Thia and we are honored to be following her journey on Idol-- hopefully, we can stay for a bit longer with her. We sure would love to meet her on tour this Summer! :)

Listen to the fantastic vocals! She is so ready to make records!!

If you can't see the audio player and or to download the audio in mp3 format, please click this link. [right click and choose "Save as Source"]

Backstage during the performance night of the Top 12 boys

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