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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thia Megia media rounds; Could she be singing Michael Jackson, Adele or Jason Mraz on the Idol stage soon?

On Wednesday, March 9 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT), America’s Top 13 will take the stage to perform songs by their favorite artists.

In an interview with the LA Times during the 'after party' at the Grove, Thia was asked who her favorite artists are and she mentioned 3: Michael Jackson, Adele and Jason Mraz. She said "Music and Me" is one of her favorite MJ tracks which we take as a hint that possibly, it could be her song this Wednesday?!

[ But that would be too easy... Having followed Idol over the years-- when they say you can sing whatever you want- it usually means a selection from a song list American Idol has clearance to publicly play. This song list can sometimes be a VERY SHORT LIST so most often, contestants are forced to change their songs at the last minute because it wasn't approved; or the contestants end up being 'manipulated' by the producers/music coaches to sing songs that they don't like to begin with based on the list. ]

Thia sang Adele's "Chasing Pavements" on her audition. We'll see.

The Los Angeles Times interview by Gerrick D.Kennedy

Curious what "Music and Me" is? Here's a listen:

Music And Me

Thia Megia is HUGE and making waves in the Philippines!

As soon as word got out that Thia auditioned for American Idol 10, the Philippine media and bloggers have begun covering Thia's progress fast enough to earn 'frontpage' news headlines.

The story has even reached the office of the President.

"Now that she has broken into the Top 10 of the reality television talent competition “American Idol," Filipino-American Thialorei Lising “Thia" Megia can expect Malacañang to be among her ardent followers in the Philippines.

Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said the Palace will join Filipinos in keeping following of Megia’s progress in the upcoming stages of the competition." (GMA News)

“Filipino pride!”

LOS ANGELES—“Filipino pride!” This was what newly declared “American Idol” finalist Thia Megia excitedly announced when she saw us on the red carpet on Friday’s finalists party at The Grove.

“It feels amazing!” she exclaimed when asked about being included in the top 13 of television’s most popular talent show. The 15-year-old, the youngest finalist ever in the history of “American Idol,” is as Filipino as can be.

She likes sinigang, adobo and pancit. This daughter of two immigrants from Pampanga idolizes Charice and Regine Velasquez. She has performed in a concert featuring the latter.

Thia thanked Filipinos for supporting and voting for her. The petite singer with the huge talent also expressed gratitude to her followers within the United States and around the world. (Philippine Inquirer)

The Redwood City, California born Thia, traces her family's roots in the Philippines. Her parents Loreto and Cynthia Megia immigrated to the United States in 1968. Both are from Pampanga, Philippines.

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