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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thia Megia gave us the 'Heat Wave' as it should be done- Top 11 Performance night photos, video & audio mp3

Thia looked charming and preppy on a two-toned taffeta strapless party dress and a pair of black high heeled shoes! The jewelries were a stand out! The whole look was fun and young!

 We love the accessories!

AUDIO MP3: "Heatwave" (Live version)

If you can't see the audio player and or to download the audio in mp3 format, please click this link. [right click and choose "Save as Source"].


Our two-cents:

We don't know about some but we thoroughly enjoyed Thia's overall performance of "Heat Wave."

We went back to check the performances from previous seasons and we can say that Thia's version is by far the best. And we're not just saying that because we are fans! See or hear for yourselves. This song has been performed 5 times on Idol including Thia's! One is off-key from beginning to end, as though she couldn't hear herself! The judges we're brown-nosing but Kimberley Locke (S2) ended up in the Bottom 3.

We're very curious to see how 'bad' Jennifer Hudson's version is because she was in the Bottom 3 as well. We couldn't remember. No disrespect to Ms Hudson, that was 6 years ago! :) We couldn't believe that out of the millions of vids on YouTube, there's not a single one of that performance! (If you can find one, pls. send us the link). Both Vonzell Solomon (S4) and Lil Rounds (S8) should have nailed it but they didn't instead they were pitch-y, whine-y and scream-y.


  1. ....last night's performances were all good according to the judges with only randy pointing out pia toscano's singing another ballad which is becoming monotonous.

    Many bloggers are pointing out that it will be difficult to know who will go to the bottom 3.
    For me this is easy. how? by remembering what peter noone point out correctly to simon cowell, in season 6, that after the performances, it becomes a voting contest. so whoever has the lowest fan base goes to the bottom 3.

    and who are these people? they are haley, naima and stefano. remember the top 24 night?

  2. In response to your two cents, I have come across a google video of Jennifer Hudson's Heatwave...it was an ok performance to me but the version of Kimberley Locke's and Vonzell Solomon's heatwave on YouTube video were pitchy and not good...Thia's version was so far the best! It was a good thing to compare the other version...coz this shows that Thia's voice is very unique!

    There was another YouTube video of Paige Miles comparing Thia's rendition of "Smile" and boy, Thia's version was very good compared to Miles' which was pitchy and very nervous...

    Another one again with the video with Melinda Ademi "here comes the sun"...it was thia herself who gave the best interpretation of all the songs...with her own unique style...her voice...very infectious...possess good tone and quality!


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