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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thia Megia and the Top 13 American Idol 10 Mansion (VIDEO)

idol 10 mansion

TMZ first reported it here.

In the March 10th results episode, American Idol opened the mansion to the public eye. Lavish? Extravagant living? They are in Hollywood afterall. A 90210 zip code comes with the star treatment.

Besides, it's good enough that the Idol empire is sharing their bucks to the kids in whatever form. The last time they did so was in Season 8. They Skipped Season 9 where they put the finalists in apartments, we heard!

We know that all underaged idols has to have a guardian with them at all times. So we're assuming that Thia's, Lauren Alaina's and Scotty McCreery's mom or dad are living in the mansion too!

From the video, it appears like the girls are all in one room and the guys share a quarter as well! Weird how the beds are tiny. For an extra change, a double bed sounds about right for these kids. James Durbin looks like he's sleeping in 'Wee bear's bed' (from the Goldilocks tale. :) Notice the walk-in closet with a ladder (where they show Naima)?! That's every woman's dream. Or at least for this one poor writer, that's all I want from the mansion... On the second thought, that kitchen is begging for attention!

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