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Thursday, March 24, 2011

An open letter to Tom Breihan; A response to the Top 11 review on Thia Megia


Tom Breihan:

Before your malicious, inciting (desperate for hits), baseless and sordid review of Thia Megia's performance on Motown week, we have NEVER heard of you or the website you represent! Who are you?! How dare you pick on a kid, a girl at that?!

Do you personally know Thia to attack her the way you did? You don't resort to name calling just because you can't come up with a believable review. You should be critiquing the performances NOT the person. Call her performance what ever you want but smearing Thia Megia's name and insulting her won't help your case. That is just immature and uncalled for.

There is a line you don't cross. While the bigger majority strive to put an end to racism and bullying, you seem to exist to ignite those issues.

But your third-rate rhetoric worked! Your article is now being flooded with responses! Your column will be read for the first time by many! Savor it, because it won't last.

You are a complete disgrace to the online New York site that you represent. Then again, we have skimmed through your previous works and the articles that the site publishes and it appears your writings are limited to hating and cyberbullying. Your incessant use of expletives are detestable.

We are sorry to have come across your sorry excuse of an article. But know this, Thia's career will flourish after American Idol. She has a long fruitful career ahead of her and YOU... you will STILL be looking for that credibility and respect you've NEVER HAD. You don't get it from us now or ever.

You won't get it from the people who left the best messages for you in that article either. Enjoy your cheap shot at your fifteen minutes of fame. Tick, tock, your time is almost running out!

Thia Megia Fans

Our Stand:
There is a time for passive acceptance but this kind of thoughtless and careless writing needs a response. He should be strongly reprimanded or get fired!!
Everyone we encourage you to write directly to the editor to let them know the article is another form of bullying and that you are deeply offended. Let's fight this!!! Please spread the word. 

Tom Breihan on Twitter: http://twitter.com/tombreihan
The link to his review: http://bit.ly/tomtheidiot

 From Suanadirienzo  :
"You're sick miserable person who hates everyone and everything. You don't have to watch the show if you don't like it. I hope you don't have any children because you're a disgrace to the human race. You attack the performance but do not attack the person. Thia is just a kid who is having a time of her life, why ruin it by calling her names."

From rebecca :
"I've met Thia during the National Anthem Auditions. She is a really warm person and comes across as a really intelligent and mature person. A little on the quiet side but really nice. It was cool to see she made it far in Ai and I'm rooting for her. It's sad that people can write stuff like this online without thinking twice. People should only be able to write things if they have the gall to say it to someone's face."
From Chimsworth78 :  
You know she's dumb how? Do you know her? Your insight to Thia is as inane as anything you claim to have read from other pissed-off readers on this thread. But the point is, you're missing the point. I'm not a Thia fan by any stretch of the imagination but there's a difference between calling someone boring and another to call them a f***ing dumb*** with nothing but looks, singing and some interview clips to back it up. But of course, I'm only an inane pissed-off reader who's calling Tom out for his serious lack in class with this article and wishing he had put a little caution to his words when talking about a young woman who hasn't really done anything to be called such names. It's almost creepy the amount of hate Tom has for this girl that I'm thinking there's something else going on beneath the surface. 
From Speck24  :
Wow, you don't even know her so why the hate? And you got all that from just Thia's singing?? Bravo! Your writing sure matches your intelligence. 
From Soleilcherie  
You know, in a country where we're basically devoid of good, strong teen female role models, I really found Thia Megia to be a breath of fresh air. In a time where we see tweens trying to emulate the likes of Miley Cyrus and getting involved in horrific sex parties I was really happy that perhaps, just perhaps, American Idol can showcase an alternative. She's well-spoken, seemingly embraces family values and displays a strong work ethic and shows substance over style. But apparently, in Tomverse this is called being a f***ing dumb***. *Scratches head*
From Pepperannkitty  
it is PEOPLE like you that really make me worry about MY NEICE going in to the music industry in which SHE has worked so very hard for. I just do not understand how a grown man can spit out such HATRED to a child. Yes YOU dumb s... she is just a child , and let me tell you as more of her family reads this and other such HATE filled comments we will ATTACK back. Thia Megia is and always will be a young LADY, I guess maybe that is why you hate her so because of the fact that she is a young , bright, talented, young lady that really RESPECTS herself and wont dress or act like most young entertainers do these days . YES she has a whole different way of showing her TALENTS without having to flash her skin or get involved with the stuff that is out there DESTROYING the younger generation. SHE is the PERFECT role model that really needs to be out there showing the kids that they can be a GOOD cool kid. BUT YOU AND THOSE like YOU who have nothing better to do than pick on a kid just because she doesnt FLASH anything more than her BEAUTIFUL smile, you sir need to GET A REAL LIFE. 
From Glamnation  :
You sound SO stupid picking on a little girl. And you were wondering if it was racist calling Naima's African dance silly? You just frikkin' dissed an Asian girl because of her eyes. You sure you're not the Village Idiot for The Village? 
From Lavieenlily :
Tom, I usually enjoy your off the road blogs but I think you may have lost me on this one. In what universe is it okay to call a seemingly good kid a fucking dumbass based on their eyes? That is just cold and borderline racist. I hope Thia doesn't stumble on your blog and if you had half of a heart and conscience, you'd know why.
From Vanessa :
You know what they say about bullies? They like to bring other people down to bring themselves up. How sad and pathetic you are. 


  1. Oh wow! This Tom fella is something else, isn't he? I don't know what to think of it really. I guess it's the norm nowadays, all of these hateful comments about somebody famous. All we really have to do is support Thia in everything she'll do. This guy don't deserve any strong emotion from me, nope, he's not gonna get it. Hate on Thia as much as he like, there are always people who will love her no matter what.

  2. In the end, the haters like the loser Breihan always end up, well,...losing. Haters are most always insecure little dorks who don't have a life and are bitter of other people's success. Especially well earned success. I've heard of other people, real sweet and good people getting hated on on YouTube and other places online.

    Thia, just keep your head up and focus on what's important in life. Keep honing or polishing your skills, your talent and you will have the last word. You know what the best revenge is? Success.


  3. He just NEEDS attention badly! just IGNORE him! Thia megia's fans are the NICEST! let's not go down to his level and play his dirty tricks! bad game dude!

  4. I do hope that Tom gets reprimanded. At this computer age, people can just post irresponsibly on the internet but a lot of people have been terminated from work, school because of their simple hateful comments about their teachers, students, bosses, classmates, etc. on the internet.

  5. He'll pay for these hatred words.
    Cancer is coming to TOM BREIHAM -- watch your prostate soon.


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