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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Can Thia Megia "Smile" her way through the next round?! The Top 13 Results are in.

Yes, YES, Yes!! We never doubted! Despite the rocky live performance- of course her fans pulled her through! She is safe and moving on to Top 12!! Way to go Thia! can't wait for the next round.

Bottom 3

* Karen Rodriguez
* Ashthon Jones - Going home / Eliminated.
* Haley Reinhart

PS. Casey Abrams is in the hospital again. He wasn't present in the results show.

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  1. ....go! go! Thia. I trusted you last time that you're gonna make good with that song "smile".You didn't kill it but that's OK. Now, you can smile and prepare to put your best foot forward. It's time to show who's the best, .... make use of your rich voice tone quality.
    I have been a regular visitor of your You tube channel, since your AGT stint and you have a long list of big songs you performed. Hurt, Beauty and the Beast, I Am Changing, etc..
    Go Girl! We will support you.

  2. Thia did a great job on this one. She sings from her heart. And I think she gave this rendition to entertain, not to impress. Sometimes, when we are so high with ourselves and with the song we are singing, we tend to do some experiments on them, just like when we are singing in the shower. Yet, we couldn't expect everybody to love us and the things we do.

    Thia, I think you are enjoying your craft and it's right. Yet, you are not just singing because you love to. You have to bear in mind that you are in a competition and you have to let in some pressure of winning. The judges are looking for someone who can make good money and not just a hotel lounge singer. So, stretch those vocal chords and show them what you can really do!

    Go Thia! :D


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