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Monday, March 21, 2011

American Idol Top 11: We're seeing a 'trend' on who's next to go-- from Twitter... Thia Megia Fans it's crunch time!

We got curious after reading this post from our friends over at IdolSeason.com: "Who do you love? power ranking the idol finalists on Twitter"

They wrote it 4 days ago and how much the numbers changed since the article published didn't really surprise us. Who is now at the top of the leader board? The numbers change daily in fact every few hours so the numbers are changing even as we write! For sure, the same guys are still consistently leading the top 3 spots while the next three are still taken by the same girls. The ranking though is a toss between the 6 finalists and the margin is both narrow and wide.

Looking at the numbers more closely, the difference between the guy contestant with the most followers to the leading girl contestant is about eleven thousand!! That is a big gap to catch up on.

While these are merely Twitter followers comparison and is no way an indicator who is going to win American Idol, it is VERY hard to dismiss. To quote what the site said: "having the most followers is a true testament of one’s clout in the area you are famous for!"

Twitter Trend

Thia Megia fans or any other fans below the Top 5 ranking should work doubly hard to close the gaps. It is quite intimidating to look at the numbers and the rankings below and say that these doesn't have any impact to the actual results on American idol at all.

Here we included the recently eliminated finalists and as you can see Ashton Jones was the first to go and she has a little over 7k followers. Karen Rodriguez was next to go and in this ranking she is in number 11! Everywhere you look online, the people marked living on 'borrowed time' on Idol have been those who were already in the bottom three before. Ashton and Karen were.

Now we can almost see that Naima Adepapo and Haley Reinhart will be in the bottom again this week with possibly Jacob Lusk. Unless they really do something different to change their course, then they will be the next three to go in no particular order.


Becoming an American Idol is more than just talent. We said it before, this is a popularity contest and the best singers don't often win!

Country music is huge in America and that is why Scott (among the guys) and Lauren (among the girls) are leading! Thia needs to breeze through Pia and Lauren first before even thinking of beating the guys- Casey and Paul. To "beat" Casey, Thia would need at least 10k followers without Casey's number even moving up (which is impossible). Translate that to how much votes Thia needs in order to stay in the competition.

We feel Thia is going to be safe within the next three weeks BUT after that... it is really going to depend on who sings the best or the worst on performance nights. Most websites do not include Thia on their Top 5 ranking.

Hence, having support from different communities is crucial to every contestant...(?)

Thia has the Asian votes, (primarily the Filipinos, and Filipino-Americans), hopefully the Pacific Islanders too, add the entire Mountain House Community (who did an epic awesome video!) and her CAVA School community, right? Not too fast! We all thought Karen Rodriguez had the Hispanic/Latino votes! We now know how that turned out.


We wondered about how Karen Rodriguez got voted off ahead of say Naima Adepapo or Haley Reinhart, who were all in the bottom three's for a number of times throughout the competition. In fact, Naima was already voted off by America but thankfully the judges gave her a second chance on the wildcard round.

Karen has been very vocal about representing 'her own.' Her campaign has always been: "I wanted to represent the Latinos." She thought she was but after getting halfhearted comments from the judges, the votes weren't there for her. Note that Hispanics and Latinos constitute 15.8% of the total United States population, or 48.4 million people, higher than the Asians with 4.5% or 13.8 million people (2.8 million are of Filipino descent). (WIKI) Where were they on voting nights?

The best supporters showing diversity

Thia's staying power

We can no longer exclusively depend on the Asian votes or certain communities. We need them but we need MORE. For Thia to go further up the leader board, she has to win the hearts of America period. (For now anyway while she is still on the show.) Doesn't matter what background or where one came from as long as one lives in the United States and CAN VOTE! This is American Idol NOT Asian Idol.

In our humble opinion, we think the number of Facebook pages on Thia and this overflooding of 'tweets' mostly from other countries expressing their support to Thia is SLIGHTLY hurting Thia. We can almost guarantee that a decent amount of Thia's followers can not even vote because they live in Asia or other parts of the world. Where is the American support? This "exclusivity" is really putting off other potential voters. Claiming Thia as one's 'own' is alienating other fans.

There's no denying Thia's ancestry traces its roots to the Philippines. She is a full-bloodied Filipino (both her parents are of Filipino descent) but Thia is born and raised American. She is proud of her heritage. We all are proud of it. That doesn't give us more points if we continue shoving it to everyone's faces. They get it. Everybody knows, Thia is Asian. She is Filipino-American (even that is a misnomer unless she has DUAL citizenship that she applied for which we doubt, Thia is American by virtue of birthright). Let's not over use it.

Music is universal and it is every artist's dream to cross boundaries, to achieve global recognition. We are hindering Thia's goal to be an international artist from happening if we keep promoting her as the Asian singer singing on American Idol.

While she is STILL on American Idol, let's just try to help her win by promoting her as the next big star in America! She needs to conquer America FIRST before conquering the rest of the world. Why do you think so many artists/singers and Hollywood actors come to America and leave their homelands?! For the most part, America is where it all begins and where it happens!

Who has the most followers on Twitter?


Scott McCreery
  • 37,896
  •  Rank 1
Casey Abrams
  • 36,864
  •  Rank 2

Paul McDonald
  • 30,823
  •  Rank 3

Lauren Alaina
  • 26,882
  •  Rank 4
Pia Toscano
  • 26,056
  •  Rank 5

Thia Megia
  • 25,890
  •  Rank 6
James Durbin
  • 24,821
  •  Rank 7
Stefano Langone
  • 23,322
  •  Rank 8
Jacob Lusk
  • 15,311
  •  Rank 9

Haley Reinhart
  • 13,747
  •  Rank 10
Karen Rodriguez
  • 13,379
  •  Rank 11
Naima Adedapo
  • 11,956
  •  Rank 12

Ashthon Jones
  • 7,226
  •  Rank 13


  1. I agree with you 100%. By the looks of it, most of Thia's followers are probably from the Philippines, I say about 75% or more. I'm confident though that she will make the tour, which is a good thing for her. Even if she doesn't win Idol, at least she'll get to tour around America and get a paycheck out of this experience. At the moment, I can see her making it until top 8, at most. But if she really deliver with a great performance this week, she can make it even further.

  2. Well written article! With huge outside international support for Thia, it is unclear who really are her fans on American Idol.

    You are right to point out Scotty and Lauren getting the county votes-- to anyone who has the twang and the southern vibe, country is the best route. How many idols are going for country now following Carrie Underwood's success? Even Kelly Clarkson wants the country crossover!! Kellie Pickler, Casey James, Bo Bice, Danny Gokey... who else among the idols are going country?

    It is hard to know what kind of artist Thia is! She hasn't shown it!! What kind of record will she produce? She has to find her voice quick or it's the end of the road for her.

    The so-called "Asian votes" will only get her so far. If that's all she's relying on, she won't win American Idol. Let's hope she won't become the next Jasmine Trias whose fame was ONLY boosted because of the "asian votes." She finished third on idol BUT after Idol when was the last time Idol invited her back to sing onstage?!! None. Jasmine is a superstar in Hawaii and she may have been huge / still huge in the Philippines but unfortunately America has forgotten about her.

    Here's how it works here in the United States: If you're NOT relevant, if you're not fresh, if you're not current, this pop-crazed American culture has no place for you.

    Thank you for allowing me to post.

  3. Wow! Spot on! I agree with you. This is the reason why I visit this site more often than the other Thia fan sites. You focus more on Thia and not on her ethnicity. Enough of that Pinoy Pride thing. If you are proud to be Pinoy, then buy products made in the Philippines. Btw, I'm Filipino :)

  4. She should give America great performance this week so that she can keep up with a lot of followers! I'm kinda worried because haley might pull this up because her voice suits motown songs! I don't know but for me I don't really care if thia wins or not as long as she'll give her best on wednesday! Anyway she's a great singer for me! In the end this show is not about great talents but "marketable talents" they will choose someone who is more commercialized and not unique! I love Thia no matter what! we will wait for your album someday..... =)

  5. well-written, I also hope that Thia would showcase her real talent more in the next weeks of AI, her videos in YouTube are much better than the songs she sings in AI. Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of Thia, she is really a talented singer and the power of her voice is amazing, but, playing-safe is really going to hurt her standing in AI... she is now in AI, imho, sing to win, Thia! you can do it. A lot of us believe in you!! :)

  6. I agree, she should give an impressive performance this week and show her real unique talent because the competition is getting tight. Thia has a huge voice and she has to prove it (like her first performance on top 24). C'mon Thia you should start winning hearts of America (more):)


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