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Saturday, March 26, 2011

American Idol Top 11 talk Summer live tour and other updates and thoughts...

March 26th update from @AmericanIdol: "Just finished out very first TOUR MEETING!!! CANNOT WAIT to see you all on the road this summer."

High School Saturday for minors, Thia and Lauren
There was an after-party dinner after the dramatic save of Casey Abrams on March 24 attended by the finalists with AI alums joining in; Elliott Yamin, Michael Johns and Carly Smithson were there.

@michael_johns: At the save dinner with top11 idols a truly special bunch

@elliottyamin: Got caught off guard with the lovely and talented thia at the AI kiss off dinner 2nite..she’s a sweetheart!

Our personal opinion on Stefano Langone really changed when we found out about his DUI arrest. We'd like to repeat this to the uninformed. People seem more obsessed about Paul McDonald's blinding white teeth and ignoring this very important issue.

His demeanor on the Top 11 Results show didn't help him win us over at all. If anything we dislike him even more!

When he found out he was in the bottom three with Thia Megia, his look was smug and angry through it all and if he showed a little bit of 'smile' - it was all forced! It was as though he was ready to punch Ryan or something. We know it is upsetting but there's 11 of them competing, one has to leave each week. We said it, no one can sing "Hello" the way he did, suck the life out of the song and get away with it! It was right to put him in the bottom 3!

In contrast, Thia showed grace, modesty and a 'happy acceptance' of whatever the results will be. Her smile was out of genuine humility-- realizing that being in the bottom 3 means she has to work even doubly hard while at the same time accept her fate if it was her leaving that night...

[ PS. Before Stefano fans get mad at us: We are not being self-righteous. True, no one's perfect. We all make mistakes but anyone who has been given the second chance to live and waste it and disrespect the second life he's been given by doing the very thing that almost took his life doesn't fit the "American Idol" profile for us. He is not setting a good example to kids and to those whose family lost their sons and daughters to someone drunk driving... You don't have to agree with us, we just have to agree to disagree. ]

We found this new pics, please enlarge and tell us we're making this up. Stefano needs to learn how to hide his emotions... Just sayin'!

Access Hollywood: Backstage With The ‘American Idol’ Top 11: The Girls Discuss Their Motown Week Performances;

Backstage with the Top guys:

We complimented Thia on how lovely she looked on Motown night and Stylist Soyon An gave Thia's look away on twitter :)

@SoysFashion @TMegiaAI10 wore a dress by #Laundry and #BadgleyMischka heels. Bracelet from #LenoreDame and earring from #Beachmint!

Check out Laundry by Shelli Segal
This is the Top 11 in a bigger studio, recording their Ford track on Friday, march 25.

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