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Monday, March 21, 2011

American Idol Top 11 Ford video shoot in rainy Los Angeles (Photos)

UPDATE: New photos added plus Video of the music video titled "All This Beauty" and the behind-the-scenes interview. Click here.

March 20-- @Americanidol, official twitter of American Idol keeps fans updated with inside bits on what's going on with the contestants. It's nice hearing from the contestants themselves too!

So here are today's tweets from their Sunday, fun-day, rainy day shoot for the third Ford music video showing on results nights on Thusrday, March 24th. Later at the mansion, Gibson Guitars delivered brand new guitars to the finalists! The idols are happy and Gibson gets some promo love = #Winning !

"A look at our VERY RAINY day Ford Music Video Shoot today..." (pictured: Thia Megia, Paul McDonald and James Durbin)
Tweetpics from Paul McDonald: "Video success...Van ride back to the house."

"And then after dinner we jammed on our NEW guitars....not too shabby a day in our book!! Ready for tomorrow."
 Naima says: "Yet another blessing comes flowing in!! We were all just gifted GUITARS!!!!! Thank you PETER!!!"
 From Thia: "My new guitar! :)"

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  1. you belong at the bottom three on the last results night , that means you need to exert your superb performance that americans will like, to avoid you being elimnated. you have to wowed the americans to vote for you.remembered next eliminations will be double elimination.dont put yourself in a danger by singing boring soon that others dont like.dont follow the footsteps of ramiel malubay (last fil-am to enter AI top 10 on previuos season)


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