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Thursday, March 24, 2011

3/24 American Idol Top 11 Updates from Twitter and other News

Spoiler Alert from American Idol Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe 4 hours ago and 4 hours to show time of the Top 11 Results: #Spoiler Alert: Shocking #AmericanIdol news tonight!!!

Nigel didn't say shocking ELIMINATION so we're sad to say that Haley may be going home. After Jacob and Naima's fighting-to-stay-in-the-competition-i-want-to-go-on-tour- performances, they may be in the bottom BUT not going home. They should put Stefano on the bottom three to give him a wake-up call! You can't sing "Hello" badly, suck the life out of the song and get away with it!!

So what's Nigel's shocking news?! Perhaps a contestant (Paul McDonald or Casey Abrams) is dropping out of the competition because of health reasons? Wishful thinking and not happening but perhaps they disqualify Stefano for his personal troubles with the law... BUT having watched American Idol for years, when someone says shocking, it turns out to be NOT shocking at all!! Nigel is just looking to boost this week's results show because for the past two weeks, the results show had seen a decline in the number of its viewers...

 The photo above: the contestants went straight to rehearsals immediately after the performance night show last night!! While we were busy voting on Thia, theses guys were perfecting their group song! Photo below: Today, results show day and the contestants are already in the studio working on their steps for the group medley!
 Still from @AmericanIdol's twitpics today. Naima, Haley and Thia "heading to the studio"

Birthday Greetings From an ‘Idol’ Contestant to Build the Brand

Our thoughts: As if the millions of dollars idol is raking in from their TV commercials and iTunes sales aren't enough, now they're capitalizing on Facebook! We don't see the point in this: a contestant who already pre-recorded the lines and does not know you exist sends or pokes you a greeting and you have to pay for it! Wow, I got a message from Paul McMcDonald, my life is complete... Silly stuff.

Beginning Friday, Facebook users will be encouraged to spend $1 to send each other video messages recorded by the 10 finalists on the show. The videos, through a partnership with an application called Cameo Stars, will feature the contestants sending birthday wishes or a poke, a common Facebook greeting.
Cameo Stars films subjects in front of a green screen and does not embed videos in a player, meaning contestants appear to be speaking directly from profile pages of Facebook users.
“For this particular product, there is a feeling that it’s customized for you because it’s being delivered to you on your own page and because a character is walking toward you and talking toward the camera,” said Olivier Delfosse, vice president for interactive at FremantleMedia Enterprises, which co-produces American Idol in the United States with 19 Productions.

via The New York Times

Pia Toscano shared this twitpic recently: from their "Hollywood days" with Thia Megia and Ta-tynisa Williams (we're not sure who the other girl is)

Odd news: TMZ reports that the Idol contestants move out of the Mansion because the muti-million dollar home is-- HAUNTED!
GHOSTS invaded the "American Idol" mansion in Beverly Hills -- and the finalists got so freaked, they MOVED OUT of the place Monday night for good ... TMZ has learned.  The supernatural drama began after contestants complained about bizarre flickering lights inside the house ... followed by a spooky spider infestation.

But the paranormal activity that sent the contestants over the edge happened last week -- when several wannabes claim they watched a bed sheet suddenly take on a life of its own and FLOAT down an empty hallway!!!

And as if the ghosts weren't enough, Sunday's torrential rains caused the roof to leak like a mutha.

Sources connected with the production tell us ... the contestants FREAKED OUT and demanded to move ... and "Idol" producers obliged.

We're told the gang is now safely holed up in an undisclosed location ... where the only blinding white objects are Ryan Seacrest's teeth.

via TMZ

But following @Blkeener on Twitter- she wrote: “Friend at the show chatted with Thia's family. Said the mansion was too far from studio & the girls didn't like sharing a bathroom."

So what's up with the haunted story? :)


Thia Megia Trending on Yahoo!

Not so odd, good actually but we couldn't find proof! Yahoo tweeted two hours ago that Thia Megia is/was trending on Yahoo! Which country? Because we looked immediately when they mentioned it and we don't see Thia Megia's name on the US Yahoo homepage where they have the Top 10 "trending now" list. But we'll take their word for it.

 Just wished we had a screencap of it!

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