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Saturday, March 12, 2011

3/12 Thia Megia and the Top 12 American Idol 10 updates

The Idols are in the studio over the weekend with their assigned music producers to record and work on their songs for this week. The Theme, the year they were born. In Thia's case picking a song from the 1995 catalog.

>> Casey Abrams missed the top 13 results show -- after he was rushed to the hospital for the SECOND time in three weeks ... for severe stomach pains. He is still in the competition and is expected to perform on the Top 12 show. [Stomach pains = ... food poisoning?? hope someone's not sabotaging Casey!! That would be cruel and sick. no pun intended.]

>> Check out the updated Q & A for Thia. Interview from HitFix just added.

>> For highlights of all of Thia's videos, you can always go to the Video section for a quick peek.

>> We are also constantly updating the START HERE: About Thia section to find ALL links of Thia's appearances on and off American Idol stage.

AMERICAN IDOL TOP 13 ALBUM enters the iTunes Charts

According to My Reality Television, the Idol studio version album is at number 9 on the iTunes top charts! Congratulations!

Get to Know the girls:

Get to know the guys!

"Like last year, up until only five finalists remain, the judges – if they unanimously agree – have the option to save from elimination the finalist receiving the lowest number of votes. The judges do not have to save a finalist during the competition. However, if they choose to use the Judges’ Save, they may only do so once during the season. The following week, the two finalists receiving the lowest number of votes will be eliminated." (Fox Press release)

We think they should take the cue on Ellen on how to eliminate the contestants: (although it wouldn't be funny if they did it on our Thia! :) )


Beginning March 14th, we can expect to have one last glimpse of the Idol finalists after they're booted off the show. Each week, the fallen idol will perform on the popular morning show live in New York city!! The show is usually on at 9am (check your local listings!). Last year the Idols did the rounds on the David Letterman show (also in New York) and the Ellen DeGeneres show in Los Angeles.

via Live with Regis and Kelly


On next week's US Weekly celebrity magazine, the Top 13 are featured on page 28 under "Hot pics" below Amy Poehler (with son Archie) photo pic at the beach!

March 21, 2011 . Issue 840 . $3.99 on newsstands

You think the American Idol finalists are the only ones enjoying the star treatment living in their Beverly Hills Mansion? Think again.

TMZ has the inside pics of the judges' trailers, complete with massage chairs, surround sound systems, A/C, and even private offices ... UPSTAIRS.

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